MedSilesia Cluster
MEDSILESIA is an effective partner of the business communities, self-governments and science affecting the shape of medical industry at national and international level.

Ensuring effective platform for collaboration – dialogue between enterprises, research and development units. Effective use and combination of the potentials of all parties to implement innovative solutions, transfer and absorption of knowledge and experience, implementation of joint projects affecting the global value chain.

Cluster cooperates with numerous institutions and initiatives, implementing projects and ventures affecting the potential of its members. We are continuously improving the competences of our members – it’s people create innovative ideas.

We operate in three areas:
in the region, in Poland, globally!

We cooperate with public authorities and institutions as well as with representatives of other clusters acting in the field of medicine.

The agreement on the cluster creation was signed on April 6, 2007 by the companies and R&D institutions and organizations related to the sector of medical devices acting in Silesia Voivodeship (17 signatories).

Currently, the cluster is a network of tens of enterprises, key research and development centers, universities, business environment institutions which operate in the field of technology, equipment and medical devices.
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