Our offer

Sector/field of specialisation:

  • Health and medicine,
  • Telemedicine,
  • Smart hospitals,
  • Rehabilitation: physiotherapy, orthopedics, current therapy, elimination of architectural barriers and less complicated bedridden products,
  • Surgery and orthopedic tools: more advanced subunit electronic devices,
  • Diagnostic equipment: more advanced subunit electronic devices,
    Software: mainly software for hospital client service,
  • Cardiology.

Expertise offered:

We are a group of innovative companies from the sector of medical products in Silesia. We offer a broad range of products  from the field of rehabilitation, surgery and orthopedic tools, diagnostic equipment, cardiology and other medical areas –  according to our wide range of Cluster Members. Support of the experienced, knowledgeable and renowned research and  development institutions allows us to provide high quality medical products.

Our main aim is to create the Competence Centres in the field of telemedicine, cardiology, rehabilitation, smart hospitals  based mostly on the existing equipment - here we will use the knowledge and centres of our Cluster Members  which are,  among others:

  • Cardiac Surgery Development Foundation
  • the Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment ITAM
  • Medical University of Silesia (I cathedral of clinical cardiology)
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